What Is the Top 10 List of Overpopulated Countries?

The 10 most overpopulated countries are Singapore, Israel, Kuwait, South Korea, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Lebanon, Iraq and Belgium. This list is prepared keeping in mind the ability of each country to support itself in terms of its natural resources.

Overpopulated countries are not necessarily those with the highest population. China and India are ranked lower in this index of overpopulated countries, although they rank first and second, respectively, with respect to the total population in the world. It is all about the strain that population growth has on the resources of a country. The index of overpopulated countries takes into consideration the total population, land area, food production, water resources and the total amount of land under cultivation. It measures the per capita consumption of renewable resources and the sustainability of a country on its resources.

Many countries of Europe and the Middle East rank among the top 20 overpopulated countries of the world. The United Kingdom ranks 17th in this list of overpopulated countries. This is because the more advanced countries of the world also use a vast amount of their natural resources.

According to the data published in “The Ecological Footprint Atlas,” the world is believed to be overpopulated by 2 billion people.