What Tools Will I Need to Replace My Water Pump?

Tuan Tran/Moment/Getty Images

To replace a water pump, you need sockets, wrenches, a screwdriver and pliers, according to NAPA Auto Parts. You also need a drain pan, rags, gasket sealer, antifreeze, and the right water pump and gasket. Substituting tools can compromise your safety and the performance of your vehicle.

Gather all of the necessary tools, parts and products before beginning the job, advises NAPA Auto Parts. Let the engine cool before disconnecting the battery ground and draining the cooling system.

Loosen the adjusting brackets for the alternator and other accessories, instructs NAPA Auto Parts. Remove the drive belts, fan, pulley and the radiator shroud, if the vehicle has one. When you remove the fluid fan drive, place it flange side up to keep fluid from draining into the bearings.

Remove any brackets or accessories that get in the way of removing the water pump, as recommended by NAPA Auto Parts. Also remove all hoses attached to the water pump before removing the retaining bolts and the water pump itself.

Clean the engine’s mounting service before installing the new water pump, and insert a new gasket and gasket sealer between the mounting service and pump, instructs NAPA Auto Parts. Reconnect all of the parts and accessories in the reverse order that you removed them. Don’t forget to adjust the belts to the proper tension and fill the system with a mixture of half antifreeze and half water. When finished, reconnect the battery ground cable and start the vehicle to check for any leaks.