Why Does My Toilet Keep Running After Flushing?

Toilets keep running after flushing due to water running from the tank into the bowl, which is caused by a problem with the toilet flapper, fill valve, flush valve or lever flush lever assembly. The best way to determine the source of the problem is by removing the lid of the toilet tank and flushing the toilet.

In order to find out why a toilet keeps running, consider the following procedures.

  1. See what part of the toilet tank is causing the problem
  2. After flushing the toilet, allow the tank to refill. If the flapper lets the water go back into the tank bowl, then the problem resides in either the flapper, the tank ball or the flush lever assembly. If the flapper works at stopping the water, but the water continues to move into the toilet bowl, then the problem is a faulty fill valve that has not been properly adjusted.

  3. If the water flow appears fine, check the specific parts of the toilet.
  4. Turn off the water, using the water shutoff valve. Then, inspect the flush valve for chips or any kind of corrosion. If the toilet has a chain in it that is used to connect the flapper to the flush lever, check that the chain is neither too tight nor too loose. Make sure the flush lever assembly is in place on the wall of the tank, and that there is no dirt blocking the fill valve.