What Are Some Tips for Troubleshooting Manitowoc Ice Machines?

Some of the tips for troubleshooting Manitowoc ice machines include verifying the machine is connected to the power supply, switching the main switch to “Ice on” and washing the machine with an approved cleaning agent if the ice production has slowed. If the machine vibrates excessively when in use, make sure its legs touch the floor.

If the Manitowoc ice machine fails to operate when the power is on, make sure the switch is fully on “Ice” and not “Off.” The power cord must be connected to a working power outlet, and the switch must be on. If the machine does not work, check the fuse and the circuit breaker. If the compressor of the machine fails to start even with the motor running, check for water in the water reservoir, and see whether the valve is open or the float valve screen is clogged. The water must touch the probe in order for the compressor to start.

Check to see whether the condensing unit is receiving power. In case the ice production slows or stops, unplug the ice machine, clean it using an approved cleaning solution available through Manitowoc, and ensure the valves connected to the machine are open to allow proper water flow.