What Are Some Tips to Reset a Password for a DVR H264?

To reset the password for an H.264 CCTV DVR, turn off the unit, and hold down any button on the remote control that came with the DVR. Turn on the unit while continuing to hold down the remote button.

Turning on the unit should prompt a single beeping sound followed by a double beep. After the second set of beeping, press the one, two, three and five buttons in order. Entering the digits correctly results in another double beep, and the device should start to boot. Entering the code incorrectly prompts a series of around eight beeps followed by a double beep, signifying to re-enter the number sequence.

After the DVR is booted, enter the default password of “1234.” Press the Menu option, and then select System Setup by using either the included remote control or a USB mouse. Select the User tab from the menu icons listed on the screen, and click on the Management option. From the Management menu, navigate to the User ID that needs a password change or reset, and press Edit. Typically, the administrator account is selected as the User ID whose password needs to be reset.

From the Edit menu, select the Password tab and enter the default password of “1234,” then press the OK button. After typing in the default password, the unit should request a new password. Enter a new password, and press OK to set it. The new password is now confirmed and should now work on the device.