What Is Tingling or Pinprick Sensations on the Skin?

Tingling or pinprick sensation on the skin can be caused by different conditions, including pressure on nerves, diabetes, injury, vitamin B12 deficiency and trapped nerves. Alcohol abuse and certain medications can also lead to the tingling feeling. The sensation is usually common in the hands and feet.

People experience a pinprick sensation when sleeping or sitting in an awkward position for a long time. This condition can affect anyone. People suffering from diabetes or back pain tend to experience the tingling sensation more often. The sensation is usually temporary but if it persists or occurs regularly, it’s sensible to visit a doctor for a diagnosis. At most times, treating the underlying cause will help to prevent the pinprick feeling.

A person can also prevent tingling sensations by not putting on tight shoes. One should also adopt a good sitting position that will not put pressure on the nerves. Eating a varied diet will help an individual avoid vitamin B12 deficiency, as stated by Patient. Avoiding excess consumption of alcohol also can prevent tingling sensations. Back pains that cause a tingling feeling can be avoided by lifting weights, doing yoga and taking breaks at work. Diabetes patients should control the sensation through medication, diet and visiting a doctor for check-ups.