What Is the Best Time of Year to Buy Tires?

Argider Aparicio San Felices/Moment/Getty Images

According to Consumer Reports, fall, is the best time to buy tires, with spring coming in a close second. Many tire retailers have sales in October to encourage people to buy new tires for winter and then again in April when the weather warms up enough for road trips. Shopping early in each season is generally the best time to find good deals and avoid the rush, especially in the fall to prepare for any potential early winter weather.

API Service Center notes that tires are cheaper in spring and fall before the seasons of extreme weather – summer and winter. Retailers have a better variety of tire models and sizes in stock, and buyers who order tires that are not in stock still have plenty of time to have them installed for the upcoming season. Also, buyers who replace all four tires at once may receive rebates and manufacturer discounts.