When Is the Best Time to Transplant Rhododendrons?

Olaf Protze/LightRocket/Getty Images

The best time to transplant a rhododendron is when the plant is not in soft growth. In warmer climates, this is late summer to late fall. In colder climates, rhododendrons can be transported in the spring. Rhododendrons should never be transplanted during the hottest time of the year.

When transplanting rhododendrons, the root ball must be as big as possible to ensure getting all the roots. If the plant cannot be transplanted immediately, it can be put in a container with plenty of mulch to keep the roots from dying in cold temperatures.

When a plant is moved to its new location, it can be transported in a cart or slid over the lawn on a tarp. If moved in a truck bed, the plant should be covered with a tarp to minimize leaf loss.