How Do You Tie a Navy Neckerchief?

The neckerchief has been a part of a sailor’s uniform since the beginning of the inception of the Navy. This rectangular cloth is worn around the neck and tied in the front. Tying the Navy neckerchief is a simple proces that you can do in just a few steps. All you do is fold the neckerchief diagonally, roll it up, and tie it around your neck.

  1. Fold the neckerchief

    Fold the neckerchief diagonally. It should form a triangle. Make sure the seems of the material are on the inside of the fold.

  2. Roll the neckerchief

    Place your left fingers on the top point of the triangle and your thumb beneath it. Hold tightly to the material. Similarly place your right hand. Roll the material until you reach the fold.

  3. Tie the neckerchief

    Place the rolled neckerchief around your neck with the right side longer than the left. Tie a square knot. Cross the right and left ends of the neckerchief with the longer right end crossing over the shorter left end. Bring the right end up and under the left side, then over and down. You should have the two ends twined around each other and facing downward. Take the right end, which is now on your left, and fold it up and over the other side again. This forms a loop. Tighten the loop into a knot. The two ends should now be even.