What Is “Three Generations” by Nick Joaquin About?

According to “Philippine Short Stories 1941-1955,” the story “Three Generations” by Nick Joaquin follows Celo Monzon and his terrible childhood. He reflects on the unhappiness he experienced as a child after his own son decides to enter the priesthood. The story focuses on themes of sexuality, inheritance, traditions and acceptance as Monzon comes to terms with his grandfather’s behavior during his childhood.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Nick Joaquin is a Filipino author best known for his representations of Filipino culture in his works. He wrote novels, poems, plays, essays and biographies, most of which focus completely on Filipino culture, characters and themes.

His famous works include a novel titled “The Woman Who Had Two Navels” and the play “A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino.” While some of his best-known works are novels and plays, and he also made a name for himself in the short story genre, of which his short story entitled “Three Generations” is a part. He was a historian who studied the Golden Age of Spain in the Philippines, and many of his short stories, including “Three Generations,” deal with this era. Short stories from this era dealt with Roman Catholicism and its impact on his characters.