What Is Thoracic Levoscoliosis?

Spine-Health.com describes thoracic levoscoliosis as the rare event of levoscoliosis appearing in the thoracic section of the spine. Thoracic levoscoliosis is not as common as other forms of scoliosis, and the appearance of the ailment likely points to the more major issue of a spinal cord tumor.

Spine-Health.com describes the thoracic section of the spine as the middle area of the spine. While it is common for scoliosis to appear there, thoracic levoscoliosis is a bit more rare.

Levoscoliosis.org clarifies the difference between scoliosis and levoscoliosis by stating that scoliosis is the general term for all spine curvature, but levoscoliosis refers strictly to a spine curved to the left. The website considers levoscoliosis a dangerous form of scoliosis because the bending of the spinal cord can damage the heart.