What Are a Few Things That Start With the Letter "I"?

Some things that start with the letter "I" include common nouns such as iceberg, inkwell and invention and abstract nouns such as identity, integrity and inspiration. Other "I" words include adjectives such as idiotic, infantile, itchy and irritable and verbs such as identify, inscribe, indict and idolize. Some "I" adverb examples are insolently, instantaneously, imploringly and inappropriately.

The letter "I" is in the ninth position in the 26-letter English-language alphabet. Some very short "I" word examples are it, is, in, if and, of course, the word "I" itself. On the other end of the vocabulary spectrum, some of the longest words beginning with "I" include internationalizations, with 21 letters, and 20-letter words such as institutionalization, internationalization and intellectualizations. Some medium-length "I" word examples are ignore, intern, illness and instance.

Many proper nouns start with the letter "I," including geographic locations such as India, Indonesia, Ipswich and Illinois; common names such as Ian, Isaac, Iris and Irene; animal types such as iguana, impala, insect and ibex; and companies such as ImageWare, InfoSearch and Ingram. Similarly, many products begin with the letter "I," including medications and pain relievers such as Imitrex, ibuprofen and Imodium; automobiles such as Infiniti, Integra and Isuzu; and personal care brands such as Irish Spring, Ivory and Irwin Naturals.