What Are Some Themes for a Christian Women’s Day?

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Three types of themes for a Christian women’s day include a tea party theme, a Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend theme, and an All the King’s Daughters theme. Each theme is based upon a scripture verse that exalts Jesus Christ as the center of the women’s-only gathering.

The Christian women’s tea party theme signifies the godly character that pours out of a woman’s life. Often used for mother/daughter Christian women’s events, this theme usually incorporates simple yet elegant decorations, including teacups, tea pots, flowers and candles. A variety of teas are usually served, and boxes of tea, books about tea and tea gift baskets are common door prize gifts for this theme.

The Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend theme revolves around the notion that women are to live their lives as gleaming jewels for Jesus Christ. These types of Christian women’s events are semi-formal to formal and include diamond-shaped snacks, decorations and door prizes.

The All the King’s Daughters theme celebrates women of all ages as daughters of Jesus Christ. This theme usually incorporates rich, jewel-tone decorations, such as emerald, ruby or sapphire, novelty princess crowns, elegant petit fours refreshments and sparkly cupcakes. Favors and door prizes for this theme can include glitter-embellished makeup or skin-care products.