What Are Some Theme Ideas for a Christian Party?

Some good ideas for a Christian party include the Festival of Tables, Food Fellowship Potluck, Soul Food on the Table and All the King’s Daughters, notes Creative Ladies Ministry. Many Christian parties are partly inspired by Christian symbols and Bible verses.

Throwing a party suitable for Christian party goers may require some creative planning. Look at a few of these ideas befitting a religious party.

  • Festival of Tables: Ideal for banquets with many tables, each table is given a different theme ranging from colors to different animals for a Noah’s Ark theme. Decorate each with animal print tablecloths, plates and a pair of stuffed animal centerpieces.
  • Food Fellowship: Break bread with guests at a themed potluck. Have guests bring in all breakfast dishes, or bread dishes or any desired dish. This helps guests get involved and cuts down on catering costs.
  • All the King’s Daughters: A spin on the princess party theme, this theme is based on the idea that all Christians are heirs of Christ, the King of Kings. Have fun with rich velvet and silk linens. Make up paper crowns for the guests to wear. Make up royally themed invitations.
  • Soul Food on the Table: Another food-based theme, this one encourages a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Include food-related door prizes and appropriate Bible verses at each table setting.
  • Ornament for Christ: Based on the verse, 1 Peter 3:4, this is a great choice for Christmas parties. Make it a crafting party and have guests create their own unique ornaments.
  • Son-Flowers: Like sunflowers follow the sun, so do Christians follow the word of God with this bright, summery theme. Have fun with yellow and orange colors. Bring out sunflower centerpieces and make some dishes featuring sunflower seeds.