What Are the Tenets and Code of Conduct of Tau Gamma Phi?

Eli Duke/CC-BY-SA 2.0

According to the organization’s website, the primary tenets of Tau Gamma Phi are the placement of the needs of others before one’s own, demonstration of Godliness and patriotism, pursuit of knowledge, denouncement of drugs, and mental and physical dexterity. They also include financial responsibility and the pursuit of wealth, financial support of the Tau Gamma Phi organization, stamina and persistence. The final tenets are preservation of family, recruitment of new members, unity among members and support of other members.

In all, there are 26 principles that play on one or more of these tenets. The Tau Gamma Phi organization believes that embracing these principles leads to great wealth, power and success.

Members of Tau Gamma Phi refer to themselves as Triskelions. The organization was started in the Philippines in 1968 by six students who wanted to a build a community focused on overcoming violence in order to better themselves and achieve excellence. Unlike traditional Greek fraternities, philanthropic activity is not central to the code of conduct. Although the organization does participate in some philanthropic efforts, the organization emphasizes excellence in individual achievement. Currently, there are school-based chapters and dozens of post-educational orders across multiple professions all over the world. There is also an alumni chapter of Tau Gamma Phi.