What Is a Temporary Fix for a Broken Car Window?

William Andrew/Moment/Getty Images

Use clear packing tape as a temporary fix, as this provides a great seal that you can see through. Be sure as much dirt and dust is removed as possible from around the window where the tape is to be applied.

An often-used technique to fix a broken car window temporarily is to tape a garbage bag over the window. Avoid this, as it presents a safety hazard because it blocks the driver’s view out that window. Instead, use clear tape. Begin at the bottom using strips of tape slightly longer than the window frame. Ensure that the tape overlaps by about a quarter of an inch on every strip used, as this provides a solid seal. Continue moving up the window frame until the top is reached.

When strips have been placed all the way to the top, visually inspect all the seals to ensure there are no gaps or large bubbles. Also inspect the points where the tape is attached to the door frame to make sure that they are securely fastened.

Take long strips of tape, and apply them over all of the ends of the tape. This reinforces the tape, making it more difficult for it to come loose. This should take four long pieces, as it needs to be done on all four sides of the window frame.