What Temperature Should Rum Be at When It Is Served?

Braden Kowitz/CC-BY-SA 2.0

The temperature an alcohol is best served at depends on several factors, including personal preference, but rum is popularly served chilled. There are several drinks that work well with warm rum as well, but the flavor and scent are at its peak between 55 and 62 degrees.

There are three basic types of rum: dark rum, golden rum and white rum. Many rum aficionado’s prefer a dark rum for its stronger flavor. The golden rum is slightly lighter, and often used by people drinking it straight. Golden rum began as a white rum and then aged in a cask to add the color and increase the flavor. White rum is colorless and very delicate. It’s also considered the least appealing of the rum family, so it works best in mixed drinks.

Another factor on temperature of rum is the weather. When it is cold outside, a good alcohol can help warm the body up. In this case, hot buttered rum is a good recipe for mixed drinks, and straight up poured into a glass is another option. The drinker’s hands as he or she holds the glass will warm the rum naturally. During the summer months, rum poured over ice, whether straight or mixed, will keep a person cool and bring out the full flavor of the alcohol.