What Are the Telltale Signs on Skin From Spider Bites?

Daniela Duncan/Moment/Getty Images

Signs of a spider bite on the skin include red rings around a white center, puncture marks, blisters, swelling and a red rash, according to Healthline. Different spiders may cause different skin reactions, and the most serious bites usually produce other symptoms.

The bite of a brown recluse spider initially hurts, itches and turns red, and within eight hours, the bite forms a bullseye pattern that can blister and kill skin tissue around it, notes Healthline. A black widow spider creates two small puncture marks that cause burning and pain. Signs of a hobo spider bite include a rash and a red or purple blister. Wolf spiders may tear the skin when they bite and cause the puncture to swell and turn red. The bite of a tarantula feels like a bee sting, and it causes swelling and itching.

Signs of a spider bite may not appear immediately, and spider bites may heal more slowly than those from other insects, says Healthline. Keep the bite area clean to avoid infection. In addition to causing a reaction on the skin where the bite occurs, spider venom causes symptoms such as headaches, fever, swollen lymph glands, stomach pain and chills. Only a few spiders have bites that cause serious problems, and most bites heal in about a week.