What Is a Teddy Bear Collector Called?

LightRocket/LightRocket/Getty Images

A teddy bear collector is known as an arctophile or arctophilist. According to Guinness World Records, Jackie Miley of the United States had 7,106 different teddy bears as of March 2011, which is the largest recorded collection in the world.

The teddy bear got its name from President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. He was on an unsuccessful hunting trip when his hosts captured a bear cub to make an easy target for the President. He refused to shoot the bear, and a Washington Post political cartoonist, upon hearing of the incident, captured the scene in a cartoon. Brooklyn store owners Morris and Rose Michtom read the story and began making toy bears based on the depiction in the cartoon to sell in their store. They called the toys “Teddy’s Bears” in honor of President Roosevelt.