Why Is Technology Important to Society?

Technology has simplified life in several ways including providing easy access to information, advanced communication technology tools, convenience of housing and shopping, improved entertainment and improved efficiency and productivity. Technology has also encouraged innovation and creativity in society and enhanced convenience in doing business.

Information technology includes tools that store, receive and transmit information electronically. The use of emails, mobile phones, instant messaging, social networking applications and videoconferencing has simplified the way people and organizations communicate. Such tools allow people to communicate instantly with others from any part of the world at a relatively cheaper cost. Advancement in transport technology has seen the introduction of electric trains and airplanes that have made it easy to travel long distances within a short period of time.

Technology has facilitated the development of creative platforms that have led to creation of jobs and enhanced communication such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google and Amazon. Social networking technologies help people reconnect with old friends. Adoption of technology has spawned new industries and professions such as programmers, database managers, system analysts and Web designers. New architectural technology has improved the quality of current house designs. Automated doors that use finger prints have enhanced security in homes and organizations. Installation of webcams allows parents to monitor activities in the home while they are away.

Technology has led to increased convenience in education through such platforms as online learning institutions. Online banking provides an efficient way of banking for customers and reduces lines in the bank. The application of technology in the health sector has led to automated equipment that helps in reducing mistakes made by doctors and administrators.