Why Is Technology Bad?

One of the main negative effects of technology is its influence on decreased physical social interaction. For example, social networking encourages people to interact with one another behind a screen rather than in person. Some other reasons technology can be bad is a lack of physical activity and a lowering of writing and communication skills.

When using a computer, it is easy to interact socially without worrying as much about consequences. Due to the anonymity and separation the screen represents, people are more open with viewpoints, even those that are detrimental or negative. Technology also removes physical cues, such as body movements and facial expressions, making it easier to misunderstand what someone means by a comment while reducing people’s ability to interact in a real life situation. This results in a distinct lack of communication skills when the person is removed from a computer or Internet situation.

A decrease in physical activity due to addiction to or overuse of stationary technology has many negative health effects, such as obesity and diminishing physical fitness. In addition, there is little emphasis on writing ability. Especially with the invention of text messaging, people are less interested in proper grammar and spelling and instead use lazy writing that often they adopt for school or career writing.