Which Teams Play at Wembley Stadium?

As of 2014, Wembley Stadium is the standard home venue for matches played by the English national soccer team. The location is also used to host the finals of both the FA Cup and the League Cup. Wembley Stadium is also used as the venue for the Community Shield match.

Wembley Stadium has a capacity of 90,000 seats and was opened in 2007. The construction of Wembley Stadium started in 2003 and suffered multiple delays that pushed back its opening by almost two years. The first official opening match held at Wembley Stadium was the FA Cup final match between Manchester United and Chelsea on May 19, 2007. Prior to this match, other official matches had been played in the stadium, including a match between the under-21 soccer teams of England and Italy.

As of 2014, Wembley Stadium is classified as a category four stadium by UEFA, and it is the second largest capacity stadium in Europe. Aside from soccer matches, the venue also hosts music concerts, NFL International Series matches and the rugby league Challenge Cup Final.

Wembley Stadium replaced an older stadium under the same name. The previous Wembley Stadium stood in the same location between 1923 and 2003.