Where Are the Tattoo Schools in Texas?

The most highly accredited tattoo school in Texas is the International Institute of Tattoo, or IIT, in Bryan, near Texas A&M University. The school has a year-long apprenticeship program that prepares aspiring tattoo artists to work in or manage a professional licensed studio.

Tattooing, in general, is not typically offered as an academic discipline in formal education institutions. Most tattoo artists learn through an apprenticeship, such as the one given by IIT.

During their preparation as tattoo artists, students at IIT receive extensive training on using a tattoo machine and keeping it in good working order. Students also make and maintain needle bars and tubes, use sterilization equipment, follow aseptic procedures and learn all of the state regulations for tattoo studios specified by the Texas Department of Health Services. The school stresses on teaching students excellent tattooing technique as well as how to spot trouble and fix mistakes as soon as possible.

Professional ethics are stressed in each class. The school also offers a course on basic body piercing. Outside of the classroom, students are required to attend three tattoo seminars a year and two tattoo conventions. Students receive on-the-job training in one of IIT’s Austin studios.

All equipment becomes the student’s property after the program is completed.