How Tall Is an Average Palm Tree?

The average palm tree stands about 32 to 50 feet tall. However, some can grow as tall as 98 feet. One species of palm tree located in Colombia grows to be up to 197 feet tall.

Palm tree heights do vary widely by species. There are 2,500 varieties of palm trees, and they can grow all around the world in climates as arid as the desert and as humid as the rainforest.

All palm trees have a single trunk, with one of two types of leaves coming out: either a pinnate leaf, which is feather shaped, or a palmate leaf, which is fan-shaped. Most palm trees are not indigenous to the United States; those that are can be found in places like California and Florida, where there is a much warmer climate.

Palm trees usually grow coconuts, but can also produce dates, betel nuts and acai fruit, as well as palm oil. These trees have actually been around almost as long as humans. They were used in Mesopotamian societies for food, and their branches came to symbolize victory in Roman societies.

One likely reason for their resilience is the palm tree’s ability to grow in many different types of soil, as long as the soil provides drainage but retains some moisture.