What Is TalkMatch.com?

TalkMatch.com is the domain name associated with an email from an interested party at Match.com, according to the Match.com website. It is not a standalone website.

When a member signs up for an account with Match.com, he agrees to anonymity. While looking at a profile, if he becomes interested in someone and chooses to send the user an email, Match.com strips his identifiable information away to ensure privacy. When the desired party receives the email, it states that it came from username@TalkMatch.com, with the username being the name with which he registered.

Because TalkMatch.com is not a standalone website, if a user attempts to go to TalkMatch.com, the browser directs him to a page that states that the website is not available, as of 2015. While it does have a site name and domain name, which may cause confusion, Match.com uses it exclusively for communications through its service.

Match.com has taken several precautions to protect clients. Shielding the email addresses and other contact information of those on Match.com is one of these safety measures. When two clients have exchanged emails under the guise of TalkMatch.com email addresses and have mutually decided to share contact information, they may do so and continue their conversations.