What Is the AT&T U-Verse 200-Channel List?

FOX, truTV West, American Movie Channel, Home & Garden Television and Great American Country are all channels included in the AT&T U-Verse U200 TV package channel list. The package consists of approximately 350 apps and channels in standard definition or in high definition, for an additional monthly charge.

AT&T engages in channel-mapping, so actual channel numbers differ from region to region, but programming remains consistent. Whether living on the East Coast or the West Coast, customers whose packages include FOX have access to the same shows, such as “American Idol,” “MasterChef” and “Empire.”

The U200 TV package is one of five that AT&T offers, in addition to specialty English and Latino packages, a movie package, premium add-on channels and premium packages. Add-on premium channels include HBO, Cinemax, Encore, Starz and Showtime. Subscribers can add individual premium channels to their service, or can choose a family of premium channels associated with a particular network.

The HBO premium package includes HBO and roughly 30 additional HBO channels, such as HBO Family, HBO Latino, HBO2 and high definition HBO channels. By contrast, the standard U200 TV package offers roughly 14 HBO channels in standard definition.

AT&T offers other add-on packages by interest, such as sports packages and international packages. These packages feature channels within the ESPN family or FOX Sports, as well as the Outdoor channel and Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Filipino programming.

Detailed information about AT&T U-Verse TV packages is available at ATT.com.