What Are T-Section Hair Highlights?

T-section hair highlights target lighter colors toward the crown of the head and cease with the highlight color about midway down the follicle. This allows for a more modest highlight pattern and a natural look to the color. T-section highlights are often only applied to the top layer of hair.

A T-section hair highlight offers a light overtone to a hairstyle without making the highlight take over too much of the head. This allows for an even glow between the crown and tips of the hair. Dying thicker sections of hair makes for a more dramatic look, while reducing the amount of dyed hair in each section results in an even tone.

Partial T-section highlights are ideal for women who want a light and bright look just around their faces. This is accomplished by only adding lighter layers on the bangs, forehead and sides of the face. A partial T-section is less expensive but requires frequent retouching to keep the look fresh. It is best to start with a partial or more limited T-section so that it is easy to get comfortable with the look. This makes it simple to add dramatic highlights in the future but does not limit hairstyle choices in the meantime.