What Are the AT&T Retiree Benefits?

AT&T retirement benefits include health care plans, pension and savings plans, life insurance, long-term care insurance and retiree discounts on AT&T products. Voluntary insurance benefits are also included. Most retirement benefits are dependent on the retiree meeting the appropriate eligibility requirements.

AT&T’s health care benefits are largely determined by Medicare eligibility, and retirees and their dependants who are eligible for Medicare coverage generally have Medicare become their primary coverage. AT&T employees can also draw on a 401(k) savings plan after retiring. Eligible retirees may qualify for company-paid retiree basic life insurance. If they pay the required premiums, employees can also continue to receive long-term care insurance once they have retired.

Retirees may also qualify for AT&T product discounts, including land line phone service, cell phone service and U-verse. These benefits are dependent on each retiree’s position at the time of retirement and location in the United States. Employees also have voluntary retirement benefits that include auto and homeowners insurance, veterinary pet insurance, accident insurance, cancer insurance and financial planning assistance. Voluntary benefits are offered through Marsh Voluntary Benefits Personal Plans.

These retirement benefits do not extend to certain AT&T branches, including AT&T Technical Services Company, AT&T Government Solutions and AT&T World Personnel Services.