What Are Symptoms of Tired Legs?

Gary John Norman/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Symptoms of tired legs include a lack of strength in the legs and an overall lack of energy to move, explains WebMD. Patients often feel exhausted, tired and a compelling need to rest when suffering from weakness or fatigue that affects the legs. Muscle pain in the legs may produce an aching or throbbing sensation.

Weakness in the legs leave patients with a lack of muscle or physical strength whereas muscle weakness can produce pain when moving the legs, according to WebMD. Weakness or fatigue in the legs often results from a lack of exercise, too much worry, poor sleep or overuse of the body. Symptoms may also result due to anxiety or depression, medical treatments such as chemotherapy and certain medications that prompt weakness and fatigue. The weakness may not be isolated to the tired legs and may affect the entire body when an illness is present.

Generalized weakness in the legs and body may be caused by low levels of potassium or sodium, a lack of electrolytes, problems with the thyroid gland which helps to regulate energy in the body and an infection, explains WebMD. A sudden onset of muscle weakness may indicate a problem with nerves in the body, an issue with the spinal cord or a problem with the brain. Patients with tired legs that do not subside within a few days should consult with a medical professional.