What Are the Symptoms of a Pinched Neck Nerve?

Shelby Ross/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Symptoms of a pinched neck nerve vary among individuals and include pain that radiates from the neck, muscle weakness, and a burning or prickling sensation, according to WebMD. Symptoms may occur with or without pain.

Symptoms of pinched nerves, also known as nerve compression, may worsen with motion, such as twisting the head, states WebMD. Nerve compression in the neck may cause symptoms to spread to other parts of the body, including fingers, hand, wrist and elbow. Pain that spreads to other areas may cause tennis elbow, peripheral neuropathy and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Other symptoms of a pinched nerve include numbness and weakness, explains WebMD. A nerve compression that lasts for a long period may destroy a layer that protects the nerve and bring about accumulation of fluid that leads to excessive pressure, swelling or scarring, which can inhibit the nerve function.

Repetitive movements and staying in the same position for a prolonged time may cause pinched nerves, according to WebMD. Treatments for pinched nerves depend upon the cause and severity of the problem and include taking oral corticosteroids, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and narcotics to alleviate swelling, wearing a splint, and undergoing physical therapy to stretch and strengthen muscles. Surgery may be necessary for persistent symptoms.