What Are Some Symptoms of Lung Polyps?

Lung nodules rarely produce any symptoms. However, in certain cases, symptoms may include chronic cough, wheezing and shortness of breath. Lung nodules are small growths that form from tissue, states Mayo Clinic.

Lung nodules are often found when doctors are running tests for other conditions. This is because they do not produce any noticeable symptoms. Lung nodules may sometimes be cancerous but are generally benign. If detected early, cancerous nodules can be treated more effectively, notes Cleveland Clinic.

Individuals with lung nodules who develop symptoms are likely to experience a chronic cough. They may sometimes cough up blood. If the nodules are large or cause obstruction to lung function, wheezing and shortness of breath may be experienced. Individuals with lung nodules and pneumonia may develop high body temperature.

Infections or diseases that cause inflammation of the lungs are the most common causes of lung nodules. Those who smoke are at a greater risk of getting lung nodules. Diagnosis of lung nodules is often done through imaging tests such as X-rays and computerized tomography scans.

Doctors may observe nodules over a given period of time to determine whether treatment is needed or not. In a few cases, doctors may have to carry our a surgical procedure to get rid of the nodules.