What Are Symptoms of Low Protein Levels in the Blood?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 3, 2020 5:13:20 AM ET

Some symptoms of protein deficiency include constant cravings for carbohydrates, sweets, caffeine, chips and other processed, high-sugar or refined foods; muscle or joint pain, which is caused by a lack of protein reserves in the synovial fluid in the joints; lack of sleep, which is caused by the highs and lows in energy due to the craving for sugary foods; and moodiness and stress, which is also caused by those highs and lows in energy, according to LifeSpa. A total serum protein test can be performed to judge whether or not a patient is suffering from a protein deficiency.

The total serum protein test can be performed to measure the protein levels in the blood and determine if a patient is suffering from a protein deficiency, states WebMD. Albumin, which is a protein that is produced in the liver, helps to transport medicines and other substances, promotes tissue growth and prevents blood from leaking out of blood vessels.

Globulin is produced in the liver as well as by the immune system. Some globulins are responsible for transporting metals to fight infection, and some bind with hemoglobin. A total serum protein test measures the levels of these two protein groups in the blood.