What Are the Symptoms of H. Pylori?

Photo Courtesy: Kateryna Kon/Science Photo Library/Getty Images

The human body is made up of several critical systems — one of which is the digestive system — that are essential to our health. When the digestive system isn’t working properly, the consequences can become uncomfortable and painful very quickly. In some cases, digestive issues go far beyond discomfort and lead to dangerous health conditions.

Bacteria like Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) are often behind gastrointestinal conditions, such as peptic ulcers and even stomach cancer. H. pylori infects the stomach and is particularly dangerous because most people don’t realize they have the bacterial infection until they develop painful symptoms. On the positive side, it’s possible to treat the infection, even years after it starts, but to do so, you need to recognize the potential symptoms of H. pylori.