What Are the Symptoms of Gout in Your Feet?

Some symptoms of gout in the feet include a persistent discomfort, inflammation and extreme pain in the joints of the feet. Symptoms of gout often occur suddenly at night and may recur continuously unless the condition is treated, notes WebMD.

Gout is a type of arthritis and may affect the joints of the knees, wrist, toes, ankles and hands. Gout usually occurs when urate crystals accumulate in the affected joint, according to Mayo Clinic. This accumulation leads to inflammation of the region and pain.

People with high amounts of uric acid in their blood are likely to suffer from this condition. Other risk factors associated with this condition include being overweight, eating foods that tend to increase uric acid levels in the body, certain medical conditions, family history, age and gender.

Individuals with gout are likely to experience a swelling of the affected area. Redness and an intense pain in the big toe are common symptoms of this condition. Pain caused by gout is intense and may easily be worsened by a simple touch on the inflamed area. Adequate rest, the use of ice to reduce swelling and taking drugs prescribed by a doctor are among the treatment options available for gout.