What Are the Symptoms of a Fractured Rib?

maria_esau/iStock/Getty Images

Symptoms of a fractured rib are mild or severe pain on the injured area, pain when breathing deeply, and pain when someone touches the breastbone, according to WebMD. Patients may also have shortness of breath due to breathing difficulties.

Patients who have fractured ribs experience chest pain that worsens when the patients breathe deeply or when someone touches the area, according to Drugs.com. This may cause shortness of breath as they may have trouble breathing in deeply. Some patients have a lump on the chest or a change in the shape of their chest. In some cases, a broken rib bone may cut through the skin.

Patients with fractured ribs find it hard to breathe properly and this may cause restlessness, anxiety and fear, notes WebMD. Some patients feel tired, sleepy or dizzy, while others complain of headaches. Patients may also experience pain when they twist or bend their body, according to Mayo Clinic.

Serious symptoms that warrant a call to the doctor include fevers and increase in mucous when coughing, explains MedlinePlus. Another serious symptom is a tender spot in the rib area, reports Mayo Clinic. In case a patient experiences squeezing pain or pressure in the center of his chest, he should seek immediate medical attention as these symptoms could indicate a heart attack.