What Are Some Symptoms of a Fractured Pelvic Bone?

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The symptoms of a fractured pelvic bone fracture include pain and sensitivity in the pelvic bone region, explains Drugs.com. Bruising and swelling of the areas around the pelvic bone may also signify that a person has a pelvic fracture.

A pelvic bone fracture refers to a break in any of the five hip bones or a fracture in the acetabulum, states Drugs.com. The fracture may occur as a result of a minor injury, a car accident or a fall. Pain or discomfort while sitting, walking or standing are possible symptoms of a fractured pelvis. Discomfort when having a bowel movement may also indicate that the individual has a fractured pelvis. Tingling or numbness in the genital area or upper thighs are other symptoms of pelvic bone fracture.

A patient who experiences a fever, coughing with blood, severe pain or new symptoms should seek immediate medical attention, according to Drugs.com. Other dangerous symptoms include rash on the skin, itchy and swollen skin as well as a leg that is warm, swollen, red or sensitive to pain. The fracture may make breathing difficulty or cause pain in the chest or lightheadedness. Treatments for the problem include taking prescription medicine, resting, applying ice to the affected area, and using crutches to walk. Surgery is only necessary if the condition is extreme.