What Are the Symptoms of a Failed Cervical Fusion?

Symptoms of a failed cervical fusion include partially relieved pain and worsened pain after healing from surgery, explains NYC Surgical Associates. The pain may be a dull ache or a sharp, stabbing sensation.

Another symptom of a failed cervical fusion is a change in the range of motion of the spine, either becoming less mobile or becoming unpredictably mobile or unstable, notes NYC Surgical Associates. New onset of or increase in pins-and-needles sensations or burning sensations in the back, neck or arms is another symptom of failed cervical fusion.

A failed cervical fusion may be due to wrong diagnosis, surgical accidents or the inexperience of the surgeon, reports NYC Surgical Associates. If the disc problem recurs in the same part or in a different part of the cervical spine, this can cause a failed cervical fusion. Nerve damage, pain and restricted mobility can be the result of cord compression, scar tissue from surgery, and a loss of muscle tone or strength after a failed cervical fusion. Loose or broken screws can also cause a failed cervical fusion.

To correct the effects of a failed cervical fusion, a second opinion for a new diagnosis may be necessary, according to NYC Surgical Associates. Corrective spine surgeries may be necessary to fix failed cervical fusion surgeries.