What Are Some Symptoms of the Eruption of 6-Year Molars?

EmpowHer explains that the symptoms of the eruption of 6-year molars can be similar to the teething symptoms that infants experience. For instance, children may become cranky, have a mild fever, suffer from mild diarrhea and have swollen gums.

At the age of 6, a lot is happening in a child’s mouth, according to EmpowHer. For instance, children begin to lose their baby teeth to make room for adult teeth. However, the eruption of the 6-year molar is another milestone that happens in a child’s life. These molars appear behind the baby molars and set the parameter for the rest of the teeth.

EmpowHer claims that girls tend to get their adult teeth before boys. Usually, adult teeth, other than the 6-year molars, grow in the same order as baby teeth. It is the 6-year molars that usually start the process of adult teeth coming in. In fact, many parents do not realize that the molars are the first adult teeth to come in, so they may feel nervous when their child experiences pain or discomfort.

It is important that children see a dentist to encourage good oral hygiene for their adult teeth. EmpowHer states that dentists can give advice on pain management for children who are experiencing a lot of pain from the eruption of their 6-year molars.