What Are the Symptoms of Drive Shaft Problems?

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There are many symptoms of drive shaft problems, including car noises, difficulty turning the car and shaking of the car. It is important to diagnose and fix drive shaft problems early because no car can shift from idle to drive without a functioning drive shaft.

Cars with failing drive shafts may emit a variety of noises, such as loud clunking. Alternately, the car may emit squeaking noises that vary in intensity depending on the speed of the car. Another possible noise is a loud and fast rattling. All of these noises merit taking the car to a certified mechanic.

Another symptom of a failing drive shaft is difficulty in turning the car. This is due to the drive shaft preventing the wheels from properly turning and is most noticeable when the car is being driven around corners. However, even parking may be difficult if the drive shaft is failing.

Shaking or vibrating is another symptom of a failing drive shaft. The shaking can vary in intensity, as it sometimes feels as if the entire car is shaking and at other times feels as if only a specific part is shaking. Vibrations may be particularly noticeable in car floorboards and may increase in intensity when the car speeds up.