What Are the Symptoms of Bone Cancer?

Golden Productions/age fotostock/Getty Images

The symptoms of bone cancer include bone pain, tenderness or swelling near the affected area, fatigue, broken bones, and unexplained weight loss, according to Mayo Clinic. There are three common types of bone cancer: osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma and Ewing’s sarcoma.

Osteosarcoma is bone cancer that begins in the cells of the bones and is most often found in young adults and children, according to Mayo Clinic. It generally affects the bones in the arms or legs. Chondrosarcoma starts in the cells of the cartilage, typically in older or middle-aged adults. It typically affects the legs, arms or pelvis. Ewing’s sarcoma usually occurs in the arms, legs or pelvis of young adults and children. Where Ewing’s sarcoma originates is not clear.

Although much about bone cancer remains unclear, there are some risk factors for this type of cancer, advises Mayo Clinic. Radiation therapy for cancer and exposure to radiation in large doses tends to increase the risk of bone cancer later on in life. Paget’s disease of the bone, which is common in older adults, puts those afflicted with it at heightened risk of developing cancer of the bone. People with inherited genetic syndromes, including hereditary retinoblastoma and Li-Fraumeni syndrome, are also at greater risk for bone cancer.