What Are the Symptoms of a Blood Clot in the Neck?

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Symptoms of a blood clot in the neck include swelling, redness, tenderness and pain, according to Healthline. However, depending on the exact location of the blood clot or the amount of bleeding caused by the clot, some patients may not experience any symptoms, states eMedicineHealth.

Additional symptoms of a blood clot in the neck include headaches, physical weakness, seizures and vision problems, claims Women’s Health. Patients should seek medical attention immediately when experiencing abnormal neck pain, swelling or redness, especially if these symptoms appear after a physical injury. A blood clot in the neck can dislodge from the carotid arteries, travel to the brain and cause a stroke, reports Mayo Clinic.

In addition to an exam by a physician to determine the presence of a blood clot, patients may also undergo medical tests such as an MRI, CT scan, ultrasound or venogram, according to Healthline. The causes of a blood clot in the neck or other areas of the body include obesity, heart attack or heart failure, smoking, and a family history of blood clots, states Mayo Clinic.

Treatment options for a blood clot include prescription medication to dissolve the clot or surgery to restore and maintain blood flow, reports eMedicineHealth. Treatments options vary based on the size, location and severity of the blood clot.