What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Car Battery?

Mark Williamson/Oxford Scientific/Getty Images

The most common signs of a bad car battery include the vehicle backfiring, dimming of headlights while driving, problems with electrical systems in the car and the vehicle not starting. These issues arise at any time. It is important to monitor the lifespan of a battery and ensure that connections are not corroded during that period.

Signs of a battery beginning to wear out are all very obvious to a vehicle owner. A car that does not start but only whines, clicks or makes no sound has a dead battery. Vehicles that have dimming lights and trouble starting coupled with effects known to be associated with dead batteries are also indicative of these problems.

Other common signs include the dash light for the battery coming on and damage to the battery under the hood. Another good indication that a battery is about to be an issue is the lifetime of the device, as automobile batteries are only designed to last up to three years. When this date is approaching, it is important that a car owner takes the initiative to proactively replace the energy source so as to avoid problems with failing power assets. It is possible for a battery to die faster in cases where corrosion or an incomplete seal around the engine block allow for premature or advanced weathering.