What Are the Symbols of the Seven Deadly Sins?

The Seven Deadly Sins according to Christianity are: pride, symbolized by the lion, peacock and horse; envy, symbolized by a dog; anger, symbolized by a bear; sloth, symbolized by a goat; greed, symbolized by a frog; gluttony, symbolized by the pig; and lust, symbolized by the cow and snake. Each sin has a color and punishment that it is also associated with.

Pride is considered the greatest of all sins, and is symbolized by the lion, peacock, and horse. The color that it is associated with is violet, and the punishment for committing this sin is being broken on the wheel. Envy is represented by the dog, as well as the color green. The punishment awarded this sin is constant freezing water. The symbol of anger is the bear and the color red, while its punishment is constant dismemberment.

Next, the animal symbol of the fourth Deadly Sin, sloth, is the goat. The color associated with it is light blue, and the punishment for this sin is an eternal snake pit. Greed is symbolized by the frog, as well as the color yellow. The punishment procured for this sin is being boiled alive in oil. The sin of gluttony is represented by the pig, as well as the color orange, and the punishment for it is being forced to eat snakes, rats, and toads. The last Deadly Sin is lust, symbolized by the cow and snake, and is represented by the color blue. The punishment procured for this sin is eternal fire and brimstone.