What Are the Symbols of Faith, Hope and Charity?

The symbols of faith, hope and charity are a large cross, a cross with an anchor and a heart. Faith, hope and charity represent the three theological virtues that God puts into the soul. Believers must live their lives according to these virtues to be worthy of eternal life.

The large cross representing faith symbolizes the believer’s deep trust in that all God has revealed is true. The cross of faith is taller than the other symbols because believers are expected to share with others their faith in God’s truth.

The smaller cross combined with an anchor represents a grounding hope (the anchor) securely connected to faith (the cross). No matter how rough life gets, the believer is always attached to the source of faith; the hope of eternal life endures even while the believer struggles with life challenges.

The heart symbol represents love and affection for others. Believers strive to love God and to love others as God loves them. Charity symbolizes the desire to love everyone, including one’s enemies, neighbors and the poor. The three symbols are bound by charity. Charity cannot be achieved without faith and hope because charity is love for all. In theology, the cross, the cross with an anchor and the heart are interlocked.