What Is the Symbolic Meaning of the Color Lavender?

The color lavender is used to symbolize refinement, grace, elegance and decadence. Lavender is also viewed as a color that shows femininity, in addition to being used to represent homosexuality. This is because it is the hue that is created when the color pink, which is typically used to represent girls, and the color blue, which is typically used to represent boys, are combined.

The color lavender is a shade of purple whose name is derived from the lavender flower. It is often used to show that something is special or unique, in addition to being used to invoke feelings of romance or nostalgia. Traditionally, the colors lavender and yellow are used to represent Easter. This is because the crocus flower, which is lavender and yellow, blooms in the spring.

Because lavender has both warm and cool properties, care must be taken when attempting to decorate with this shade. Using the color in a room helps to boost creativity, although using too much causes moodiness. Lavender is also blended with other colors to create different looks and moods. Lavender and pink are used together to create a feminine appearance, while mint green and lavender are combined to create a sunny, springtime look.