What Is the Symbol for the 30th Wedding Anniversary?

Laura Natividad/Moment/Getty Images

The traditional symbol for the 30th wedding anniversary is the pearl, and the modern symbol is the diamond. The modern wedding symbols were created by librarians at the Chicago Public Library. In addition, the color for the 30th wedding anniversary is green, the flower is the lily and the gemstone is pearl.

The 30th wedding anniversary is typically called the “Pearl Anniversary.” Pearls were chosen to represent this anniversary because they take many years to grow inside the mollusk. They form by adding layers over time, growing stronger and more durable. Like the pearl, a marriage grows and becomes stronger and more durable over time. The pearl also represents the beauty and elegance of the marriage.

A classic gift for this wedding anniversary is a string of pearls. Other gifts include earrings, pendants,rings or bracelets. For men, cufflinks with a pearl inlay are a good option.

Jewelry is not the only gift option for a 30th wedding anniversary. Household gifts include a mother of pearl picture frame, figurine, vase or bowl. A new set of china or cutlery with a mother or pearl inlay are gifts the couple can treasure for years. Other options include a pearl inlay box or picture frame. If pearl gifts are not desired, a bouquet of lilies or gifts that incorporate the color green are other ways of acknowledging a 30th wedding anniversary.