What Is Swiss Ronda Movement?

Swiss Ronda movement refers to quartz watch movement made by Ronda AG, a Swiss manufacturer. Ronda watch movements are used in a wide variety of popular watch brand names.

Ronda AG manufactures quartz analogue watch movements under a range of calibers and in an array of styles and configurations for the global watch market. The company is considered one of the world leaders in the watch movement market.

Ronda watch movements are manufactured under two basic configurations: Swiss Made and Swiss Parts. “Swiss Made movement” is a designation protected under Swiss laws which stipulate several qualifying criteria.

  • The movement has been manufactured in Switzerland
  • The movement was inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland
  • Swiss-made components make up at least 50 percent of its pre-assembly value

The Swiss Parts label means that the movement was assembled in Asia. Ronda AG has subsidiary locations in southern and western Switzerland, Thailand and Hong Kong. Ronda watch movements are known for their high degree of accuracy and reliability.

Ronda movement components are also available in American-made Shinola watches. In 2011, Ronda partnered with what was, at the time, a fledgling Detroit-based company to design their manufacturing operations, install equipment and train employees. Ronda also supplies the kit of components from which the Shinola movements are made.