What Do Sunflowers Represent?

Takeshi.K/Moment/Getty Images

Sunflowers represent faith, happiness, hope and unity and commemorate third anniversaries. Sunflowers are the state flower of Kansas. Sunflowers continually position themselves in the sun’s direct path to receive the maximum amount of nourishment, which its brilliant yellow color reflects.

Spiritually, sunflowers represent God’s love and humankind seeking unity and connection with a higher power. In Chinese symbolism, sunflowers signify intelligence, strength, good luck and a long life. Sunflower images have appeared in Incan temples high in the Andes, and Native Americans placed sunflower seeds by graves. Sunflowers inspired Vincent van Gogh, and his fascination with them influenced many other artists of the Impressionist period. When first cultivated in Central and South America, sunflowers provided oil and food.