Why Is Sunday School Important?

Sunday school is important for children to learn the teachings of Jesus. Sunday school helps to impart values on children through Biblical lessons.

Sunday school allows children to learn on their level while enhancing the Christian foundation. Since many young children struggle to understand the word of God when it is taught during sermons and regular worship services, teachers are in place in many churches to help make the message comprehensible for even the younger of children. The majority of Sunday schools are divided into specific age levels so that children learn according to their age and educational grade level so they gain a better understanding of what is being taught.

Sunday school is also an important part of the socializing process as it can help members, especially those children new to the community, to get to know one another.

Sunday school dates back to the late 1700s when Robert Raikes proposed a plan to educate the poor, working children. Since children working in factories in England only had Sundays off, he believed that Sunday school could help teach them reading and writing. This also helped to impart social values and religious principles into the children who had previously spent their day off causing mischief.