What Is the Summary of the “Three Little Pigs”?

Loren Javier/CC-BY-2.0

The story of the “Three Little Pigs” is a tale about three pigs that upon setting out from their mother’s home each build a home, one made of hay, another made of twigs and the third one made of bricks. They are soon attacked by a wolf that wants to eat them.

The wolf tries to gain entry to the house by asking to come in, but the first pig, which lives in a house made of hay, refuses. The wolf responds by blowing the house down and then eating the first pig. The wolf then goes to the next pig’s house, which is made of twigs. The second pig believes he is safe from the wolf because he made his house from twigs instead of hay. However, the wolf is also able to blow down the house made of twigs and the second pig is eaten up.

When the wolf comes to the third pig’s house, which is made of brick, he fails to blow the house down. The wolf becomes infuriated by this and instead decides to climb into the pig’s chimney to get inside. As the wolf jumps into the chimney, the last surviving pig opens up the lid of his cooking cauldron. The wolf falls into the cauldron and dies, concluding the story.